Spiritual Emporium

Located at 159 Lakeshore Road Port Credit Mississauga (L5G 4T9), Spiritual Emporium is a new age shop that provides an array of Spiritual products, workshops and services. The staff at Spiritual Emporium believe strongly in the law of attraction to generate and manifest your intentions. Spiritual Emporium aims to Empower our customers, whether you would like to bring more love into your life, a new career, love, protection or wisdom, we have the tools to help you manifest your desires to reach your full potential.

We strive to provide a tranquil, energetic, and grounding space to support, teach, encourage and enlighten individuals. Our workshops, services and products provided are created to strengthen and deepen your true connection with your spirit for self -healing, personal self-discovery and self-empowerment.


Our range of workshops offered include Intuition Development, Group Guided Meditation, Sacred Geometry, Basic and Intermediate Witchcraft, Vision boards, Live Spiritual Mediumship Group Readings, How to make Magical Potions and Incenses, Empower Thyself and more.


We carry top quality spiritual products such as salt lamps, crystals, sterling silver crystal jewellery, feng shui products, incense, herbs, resins, cauldrons, pure essential oils, body sprays, body washes, room sprays, candles, salts, singing bowls, ting chas, dowsing rods, tarot, oracle and angel cards, runes, pendulums, Malas, prayer beads, statues, and chakra products. Our range of crystals are very popular as they are jewellery with a purpose and offers spiritual , mental, physical and emotional healing benefits. We also carry products for those practicing magic and the occult.


Our range of services offered include: Spiritual Mediumship, Energy Therapy, Crystal Therapy, Astrology, Past Life Regressions, Life Activations, Meditation and much more. Spiritual Emporium supports anyone seeking Spiritual Enlightenment or going through a Spiritual awakening. We support and celebrate all spirituality. The knowledgeable staff and workshop leaders will guide you in your search for spiritual growth, knowledge, healing and enlightenment.