Red Agate


Red Agate brings vitality, safety and grounding, to move forward in the future. It is also called the warriors stone as it helps people who multi- task and those who juggle commitments. The power of this crystal gives you more passion and affection. It will greatly improve your love life. Red Agate protects the root chakra and affects your personal stability. For artists, Red Agate helps them be expressive with their ideas, focus and channeling it into creativity. This crystal stops the infatuation for things that aren’t necessary. It is recommended for those who struggle with managing their finances and to think more logically, which may lead to better decisions when working with a tiny budget. It discourages overspending and wasteful habits while lowering the desire for things that are not necessary in life. This wise crystal encourages you to self-reflect on the reasons behind your spending habits and helps you find healthier ways to manage your money.

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