Galangal (Low John)


Power / Protection / Legal Situations / Legal Matters
This is the best root to break a habit, such as overeating or smoking. Chewing on galangal root curbs the appetite and tones down nicotine cravings. Chew on galangal in court, or while disputing legal situations to gain power and win. Sprinkle the powder onto purple candles to increase your power in any legal situation. Also known as the Court Case Root. Therein it is frequently viewed to help sway justice to your side. Otherwise, it has also seen a great deal of use in money-drawing spells, spells that protect and break hexes and curses. Even sex and psychic magic. Bury in your backyard or in the basement of your home to send back any evil spell cast against you. Use an infusion of this root in your bath water to remove hexes.

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