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Meditation Bi-Weekly


Meditation practice can positively transform the way we see and experience our lives. Its an incredible tool to help ease the daily stress of life and allows us to attain a much wealthier mental state than one would think possible. Come join us through this guided meditation, held bi -weekly.

Group Reading



Majickal Potions


This is an interactive workshop in potion making, where you will learn to work with herbs, oils and resins. Learn to create your own incense and elixirs with herbs and stones. We will be brewing a prosperity potion.

Intuition Development


IMAGINE…. Being able to tap into your intuition and get clear precise insights in all areas of your life! IMAGINE…. Meeting someone for the first time and knowing in a heartbeat if they’re trustworthy (or not). IMAGINE…. If you could sense when someone is lying to. By developing your intuition, you will have a new tool that’s will allow you to understand and receive messages that the Universe wants you to know. You will be in a supportive environment where you can connect with like minded people.

Sacred Geometry One


Sacred Geometry is known to be the language of light. Through magic of geometries, all things come into being and manifest in this world. While we see its beauty in nature on a grander scale, this language of light can be used for more practical uses. In this introductory class, learn the basics of Sacred Geometry and how the first three keys of heaven can be used to activate and create sacred space in your home, office or healing practice.

Empower Thyself & Initiation

The Empower Thyself class is the first step on the path of self-mastery. The weekend class covers a number of topics laying a foundation for further knowledge of the self, the universe and all the powers that be. The class ends with Initiation into the Lineage of King Solomon and the Brother and Sisterhood of Light bringing, greater contact with higher energies and beings with more divine guidance and protection. A number of teachings and rituals are handed down to assist you in realizing your purpose, clearing your energy field and protecting yourself from outside negativity.

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Basic Witchcraft and Practices


This class will guide you through the basic knowledge in the tools, spell writing, guided meditation, history and much more about the ancient knowledge of witchcraft. Topics include; craft tools, setting up an alter, castng a circle, spell casting to manifest intent, starting a book of shadows, meditation and visualization.

Group Love Spell


If perhaps you’re feeling like there are things you are missing out on or want to improve in your life we encourage you to join us for a day of magic to call forth and manifest your desires. During this workshop, you will be preparing 2 very powerful spells, for wealth and abundance, to manifest the things you desire.

Dream / Vision Board Workshop


Come visit our Spiritual Medium Helen Peacock and have some fun creating and making your dreams come true. Your wish is your command. By making your own Dream Board, you are placing your order with the Universe . Go BIG or go home, the Universe is abundant. Starting off with a meditation to set your intentions and goals, this tool helps you tap into what makes your heart sing, what do you desire in your future or for 2017. Placing your board in your sacred space and seeing it everyday, subconsciously you are taking this in and manifesting it. As long as you TRUST and BELIEVE and you are in GRATITUDE for everything you have NOW then you can watch the MAGIC unfold & come into your life!!

Investment fee of $40 includes all supplies required. All you need to bring is your Intentions and a SMILE!!

**Payment must be received to hold your spot. Classes fill up quickly. Please visit website to register or Spiritual Emporium to make payment. **

Please wear comfortable clothing and in layers.

January, Thursday 26, 2017 – Time: 6:45 to 9:00 pm
February, Saturday 11, 2017 – Time: 1:30-3:30pm